The LuvOOFOS story
“As a traveling yoga teacher I have the opportunity to visit many places. The Big Island of Hawaii has been one of my favorites. It was there that I was gifted a pair of OOFOS by the owner of the studio. Immediately I felt the difference from the regular old flip flop and it certainly gave me more energy. On my next trip back I decided I wanted to sell something that had a significant impact upon me. That's why I started the luvoofos .com store. I owe gratitude to the studio owner in Hawaii and to the wonderful people who engineered this recovery shoe. I believe you will LUV them too!”

Bruce Kessler
Senior Yoga Teacher/Instructor  New York/Las Vegas

" I suffer from sore arches and occasional plantar fasciitis. My feet were sore after a yoga class and I tried these shoes on. I felt immediate relief. It felt as if my arches were getting a massage. I highly recommend Oofos for exercise enthusiasts and anyone struggling with foot issues."

Anna Christenson Toronto, Canada